zaterdag 2 april 2011

First ZARA online purchase

I searched a couple of weeks for this bag. I went multiple times to several ZARA's without success!
Then one day I saw the red version in the store! Unfortunately they didn't have it in tan... I ran to the other ZARA haha but there it was also not available. They called to ZARA Amsterdam for me; At that ZARA there was one left, but it was damaged. Didn't know how much so I just reserved it and was crazy enough to go the day after to pick it up (if it was in OK condition though).

That evening when I came home I took a quick look at the online shop and what did I see!?

You know what the first thing I did was? Ordering it!  YESS I didn't have to go to Amsterdam.

With much love I introduce you to my new gorgeous bag:

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Weet jij misschien iemand die deze tas nog verkoopt of heb je misschien tips waar ik deze nog kan krijgen?!
    Ik wil hem zo graag alleen ik heb te lang gewacht met kopen, ik heb er echt alles voor over!
    Alvast bedankt, liefs. : )

  2. Wat leuk dat je 'm alsnog gevonden hebt! Heerlijk is dat he, als je iets zoekt en de hoop al bijna hebt opgegeven, je t dan toch nog kan vinden!